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Electrolysis Removal Method

  • Posted on May 26, 2010 at 7:14 pm

Electrolysis Removal

Is Electrolysis Removal Best?

The truth about having your hair removed using Electrolysis Removal is that just because it has been around awhile doesn’t make it the best method for permanent hair removal.

The facts are what they are, the process of electrolysis removal is out dated, painful and expensive.

Electrolysis Removal Technology

The process works by inserting a long metal needle (Probe) down the hair shaft until it reaches the hair follicle. A small electric current is sent through the needle where it zaps the hair follicle destroying it and the growth cells around it.

There are 3 main types of electrolysis removal treatments

Thermolysis Electrolysis Removal: This has also been called radio treatment or high-frequency treatment. It works by sending alternating current that provides heat at the follicle, burning it and killing it.

Galvanic Electrolysis Removal: Considered to be the original electrolysis removal method. This process involves sending a direct electric current down a needle (Probe) that we spoke about above already. In more detail when the zap occurs at the follicle it reacts with the tissues saline to produce sodium hydroxide (lye), a caustic agent that destroys the hair bulb and dermal papilla with are the growing cells at the follicle. The patient has to hold a metal rod covered with conductive cream or gel so that the current set in milliamperes can pass through the body easier. This is where it get painful because depending on the patient’s pain threshold the technician controls the duration of the electric pulse. This method of electrolysis removal is very slow and painful as it may require more than 60 second per individual hair including repeated needle insertions down the hair shaft into the follicle.

Blending Electrolysis Removal Method. This is a combination of Thermolysis and Galvanic so that a chemical and heating action occur at the same time in the follicle killing it.

There are no clinical studies showing the effectiveness of one method over the other only that it does work with some effectiveness. What can affect the effectiveness of the electrolysis removal method is the current phase of growth the hair is in. Only hairs in the growth phase (anagen) should be treated because hairs in the resting phase (telogen) are believed to be more resistant to damage. Anagen-phase hairs can be distinguished easily from telogen-phase hairs by shaving the area to be treated and, in a few days, treating only those hairs visible on the skin surface (anagen-phase hairs).

There are better least pain full and less expensive electrolysis removal methods and you should see our Verseo ePen Reviews for more detail.


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