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Using The Verseo eGlide For Hair Above Lip

  • Posted on March 23, 2011 at 11:47 am
Hair Above Lip Solution

Hair Above Lip Solution

Everyday I see Verseo eGlide reviews that say the product doesn’t work and I can’t figure it out because my wife has been using the Verseo eGlide for the hair above her top lip and she says it works amazing.

She was using bleach first but then it looked like a blond mustache.  Next she tried plucking the hairs out but soon started to develop prune skin (wrinkly skin) above her top lip which even looks worst.

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Hair Above Lip Solution

When I seen the Verseo eGlide it only made sense to buy her one because it’s a permanent hair removal system that uses electrolysis but does it without the pain.

She has been using the new home electrolysis tool for about 2 months and the prune lips have just about disappeared. I should have taken some Verseo eGlide before and after picture but we originally bought it for the hair above lip problem and not as a  prune lip treatment. I do have a picture showing that the wrinkles above her lip are almost gone which is very amazing because there were many wrinkles before.

As you can see by the picture in the top right she is using the eGlide to remove the hair above her lip and you can see whats left of the prune lips she had. The wrinkles are almost gone.

Also, she says the hair has just about stopped growing and she only has a few left. In total she has used the eGlide on her top lip around once a week or sometimes twice a week. It’s recommended to use the eGlide every other day so that it consistently zaps the hair follicles until the growth cells around them are dead.

Not A Solution For Hair Above Lip Issue

Do not pluck!! My wife has never had wrinkles above her top lip before until she started plucking out the hairs. Of course wrinkles above the lips amongst other places on the face are part of the aging process but plucking hair above the lip caused them instantly for her.

If you chose to remove the hair above your top lip with a inhibitor be very careful because they can burn the skin, especially in the sensitive areas. Also the more attention you place on the area above the lip can actually draw more attention then having the hairs there to begin with.

The Hair Above Her Lip Is Gone

Hair Above The Lip Is Gone

Hair Above The Lip Is Gone

A very safe hair removal product to use on the sensitive areas like on the hair above the lip is the Verseo eGlide. Yes it does work! The truth is it does take some time because it sends a small electrical charge you cannot feel through the skin killing the growth cells around the hair follicle. I does this a little bit at at time each time so results are not seen right away.

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Give it some time and your hair above lip issues will be gone just like it worked for my wife.