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Electrolysis Pen Types

  • Posted on June 19, 2010 at 3:54 pm

Knowing Electrolysis Pen Types

Electrolysis Pen TypesIf you are considering electrolysis I trust that reading this article will help you understand the different electrolysis pen types and the facts that I have gathered during my investigation of permanent hair removal methods.

Not only are there different electrolysis pen types there are also different electrolysis methods that be used to remove unwanted hair.

Professional electrolysis is the most popular method done at a clinic or spa and is the only FDA approved method for permanent hair removal. The main focus here is on the electrolysis pen itself because this is the key factor in making it work.

Some refer to these electrolysis pen types as a needle but in fact it’s more of a probe even though it does look pointed. The shape is that of a pen giving it the name electrolysis needle or electrolysis pen. It requires a trained professional, an electrolysis machine and a steady hand to use it, which is why electrolysis cost so much to have permanent hair removal done professionally.

The professionally trained technicians will often wear a magnifier so they can see the skin and hair up close as to reduce the amount of pain to the client when they take the end of the electrolysis pen and carefully insert it into the kin beside the unwanted hair all the way down to the hair follicle.

Most Commonly Used Electrolysis Pen Types

There are different electrolysis pen types that can be used and I have made a list with descriptions for you to review.

Professional ElectrolysisMost Common Electrolysis Pen Type: Professional electrolysis system, which we discussed above. This is an expensive and painful method that is time consuming because each hair has to be dealt with individually. The electrolysis pen looks like a needle but it’s actually not sharp on the tip it’s actually round but it does come to a point. This system is very effective at permanent hair removal because to destroys the follicle through a chemical reaction inside the skin that the electrolysis causes.

Verseo ePen setMost Popular Electrolysis Pen Type: The Verseo ePen electrolysis pen is a painless solution to permanent hair removal. This method is newer and more advanced then the professional electrolysis pen technology. What unique here is that it uses a similar electrical pulse but without the pain or the needle. Verseo has made a home electrolysis kit that can be purchased for under $60. My research shows that this electrolysis pen seems to be to good to be true when I first read about it. One thing I did notice is that website say it is a miracle tool and it does work if you use it properly and consistently but this is the part they don’t elaborate on. This home electrolysis pen has to used repeatedly on the same area for it to be effective so patience and repetition is key to success.

Beautiko Electrolysis PenBeautiko Electrolysis Pen: Works on the exact same principal as the Verseo ePen. This is another home electrolysis pen but it mainly popular in the UK. Most of the users are from the UK and it’s equivalent is the Verseo ePen in North America. It looks the same and comes with conductive gel and pad for larger areas. Based on customer feedback it does not work as well as the Verseo electrolysis pen.

One Touch Electrolysis ePenOne Touch electrolysis pen: Works on the same basic principles as the Verseo ePen. It claims that it is the only home electrolysis system but this is not the case at all. With the one touch system when performing electrolysis they advise that you keep the area small no more than one square inch per treatment. All home electrolysis system should follow these rules. Some of the warnings offered by the One Touch Home Electrolysis system are: Do not use if have or have ever had Diabetes, Hepatitis, Blood Disorders, Pigmentation Problems, Lupus, Impetigo or any other chronic skin disorders. Do not use if you scar easily, wear a pacemaker, are pregnant, taking medication that may cause skin sensitivity.

Sharper Image ePenSharper Image electrolysis pen: Like the Verseo ePen, this unit uses traditional galvanic technology to remove unwanted hair. It is designed to safely transmit electricity to kill the hair follicle and disrupt its ability to grow back. The battery-powered device uses interchangeable tips and pads that allow you to target different areas, and treat individual or groups of hairs. This is a lower quality electrolysis pen and we found that the tweezers aren’t as well-suited for pulling hairs as they should be; many people end up using their own pair. The tips feel flimsy at times and we can see them breaking after repeated use. And, since this device is battery operated, we question the ability of it to produce enough current for it to make true on its claims of permanent hair removal. Overall, we feel there are better products available.

Electrolysis Pen Types Safety

If you do select a home electrolysis pen you should not use it to remove hair from moles, warts, eyelashes, tattoos, on the nipples or on sunburned or infected skin or even beauty spots. These are potential skin cancer starting points and before you have hair removal in these areas a professional should be involved in the procedure as a safety precaution.

These types of electrolysis pens can be an effective method for removing unwanted hair and I encourage you to do two things before you buy one. First check out Verseo ePen reviews from actual customers and secondly read my personal Verseo ePen review.

This will help you decide if this type of electrolysis pen is right for you.


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